How It Works

Just think: You can reach thousands of clients with the same personalization as a hand-written note. Get their attention with a personalized printed piece, follow up with a personalized e-mail, connect with a personalized text message and direct customers to personalized URLs to take action. Instead of shouting at the masses, talk directly and personally to each client. It's better communication for better business.

Publication Printers Marketing Group uses a cutting-edge, multi-channel system for connecting you with your customers in different ways. Through variable data printing, we can customize the content on your printed pieces to specific demographics, personalizing everything from the name of the customer to images to messaging. It's all automated through our short run digital printing system. Produce postcards, brochures, catalogs, magazines and other printed items—all customized as specifically as you want for each group in your database.

We can set up personalized URLs (PURLs) customized for each prospect in your campaign. For example, These PURLs address clients by name and repeat personalized messages with instructions to take action on your offer. We track all responses and provide real-time data on the results.

Additionally, we can help you with reach your customers via customized e-mail and QR codes, which direct them to their personalized URLs and provide the same real-time tracking. Throughout this process, we can implement automatic triggers to send e-mails to your staff based on customer responses, so you can take action on client input immediately.