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What is PrintReleaf?

PrintReleaf is a program created to certifiably reforest the equivalent number of trees used to print a publication. In a move that propels your efforts to become carbon neutral, even carbon positive, PrintReleaf has partnered with small organizations across the globe to reforest areas that have been desperately stripped of trees. The best part is that this solution is affordable and requires no lead time for specially certified paper. Why not make the choice to help reforestation efforts around the world?

"**Always remember that by printing with an American, Canadian or European printer, the trees used for your publication have already been responsibly harvested and new trees replanted for future use.

The benefits created by working with PrintReleaf help reforest developing countries whose forests are not protected or responsibly sourced.**

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Our solution calculates how much paper was used in production of your job and determines the forest footprint of the job.


PrintReleaf Exchange reverse-calculates how many trees are in your forest footprint.

Flipbook Multimedia Platform


Your forest footprint is automatically reforested at global reforestation projects of your choice.

The PrintReleaf Process

Measure your footprint

Measure your forest footprint and forest impact over time. Paper consumption data is automatically updated and converted to trees using the PrintReleaf Standard.

Choose your projects

Explore our network of global reforestation projects and browse project profiles. Select your favorite projects, and your footprint will automatically be releafed at those locations.

Transparent verification

Track the progress of your trees from planting to verified survival over an 8-year period. This process is administered by SGS, a leading international forestry auditor, to guarantee the survival of trees planted by our reforestation partners.

We decided to participate for a variety of reasons: First, was the endorsement and encouragement of you and Publication Printers. Second, it seemed like the right thing to do, replacing the trees we use in our business. Three, my father was a forestry professor who as a kid I joined on field trips where he showed students how to plant trees for future harvest, so the whole concept resonated with me. Lastly, telling our readers of our participation reflects well on Rocky Mountain Gardening. –Dan Spurr - Publisher, Rocky Mountain Gardening

The PrintReleaf program was icing on the cake for us. Health and wellness is our company's mission and our clients are tuned into environmental issues that effect our daily lives. We are looking forward to the feedback on this program once the catalogs hit their hands. –Alex McDonell - Publisher, Natural Partners

PrintReleaf provided us with the opportunity to truly walk the talk when it comes to sustainability and publishing. Our magazine focuses on sustainable businesses and this program allowed us to offset a number of the externalities associated with the print world and be a more sustainable business ourself. Additionally, we appreciated the unique value that PrintReleaf provides by being able to see the programs that we support and we enjoy working with another local business. We wouldn't have known about PrintReleaf though had we not worked through Publication Printers. The team at Publication Printers brought this to our attention in our first meeting and it was an easy decision from the start. –Meghan French Dunbar - Publisher, Conscious Company Magazine

I have always been concerned about the environment.  I actively recycle everything I can in my household, and try to purchase environmentally friendly products. So the fact that Publication Printers partnered with Print Releaf was great news to me and I knew immediately that it was something I wanted to be a part of in order to help replant trees that are being consumed by my paper usage. –Todd Miller - Publisher, Quality Connections - CS