Online Editions and Apps

Features of our ePublication Editions and Apps


View on tablets and smartphones

Our solution automatically detects the type of device a reader is using when accessing the online edition. If it detects a mobile device, it will serve up an HTML5 version that allows it to be read on all smartphones and tablets.

This creation of two versions is automatically done when we create your online edition. There is no additional charge.


Your Content - Shared Everywhere

All of your readers’ friends and family likely have similar interests and passions. This is good news for you and great news for your advertisers!

With “one-click sharing” available on many major social media networks, readers can share your content across the globe. When your content is shared, your clients’ ads are shared too.

Don’t want to share your content? No problem – any feature can be turned off for your title.

Flipbook Multimedia Platform


Make your content and ads come alive!

Since your online edition is on the internet, bring it to life and take advantage of being in an interactive platform!

With video, audio, animation and graphic layers, your content can jump off the page and engage your readers in ways the printed edition never can.

Video is an incredibly powerful tool for advertisers as well. Replace static ads with product demonstrations , property tours and more so ads drive more responses and revenue!

Flipbook Google Analytics Integration


Know where readers come from and what they spend time on.

Google Analytics is a free tool that provides you amazing insight into the activity on any website. Our solution allows you to track your online edition traffic in the same way, with 24/7 access through your own free Analytics account.

Analytics can tell you where readers live, what types of devices and operating systems they are using, how they linked to your edition, how long they spend on pages and so much more.

Flipbook reader tools


Tools to keep readers engaged and sharing with their friends.

Your readers are important to you and your advertisers. Providing them with tools to keep them reading, improving the experience, and sharing your content is critical to your business.

Our solution has electronic features to replicate the things people do with printed magazines, from tearing out articles to save & share, to bookmarking. Our powerful and easy-to-use reader does it all.

Flipbook Custom Mobile Apps


Let YOUR brand live on readers’ smartphones and tablets.

As great as an online edition is, it still requires your readers to have internet access. Plus, the old saying rings true: “Out of sight, out of mind”.

Instead of hoping that your readers will remember to keep checking back for updates and new content, you can create your own app to live on their devices. Not only will your brand show up every time they glance at their device, but it enables them to access your content without internet access.

Client Testimonials

Years ago I was approached by a company specializing in online digital publications. The problem was it was not cost effective. However, Publication Printers began providing the same technology at about 1/3 of the cost. I can’t begin to tell you how many of my clients have found this to be an extremely effective tool in driving additional traffic to their establishment. If my clients are happy with me, then you better believe I am extremely happy with this service. In the changing world of technology, this is the one mainstay that helps my publication remain a viable tool in generating customers for my clients.–Dane Riggenbach - Publisher, Key Magazine

The online edition of The O&P EDGE offers another great option for our readers and advertisers alike. Many of our readers tell me that they like the convenience of browsing through the flip magazine to enjoy the magazine while they are traveling. With the online edition, we can give readers access to our quality O&P content in its original layout—the complete magazine experience in digital format. Our advertisers, and their customers, are thrilled that readers can link right to product websites through live links in the online edition. It’s real time interaction for the information readers want.–Tonja Randolph - Publisher, The O&P Edge

Publication Printers has provided Phoenix Bride & Groom and Tucson Bride & Groom with a wonderful print product since 2006. In 2012, we added the functionality of a digital magazine which is linked on our website. We are so impressed with the quality and ease of use of the digital magazine Publication Printers has created for us. Not only do our advertisers and readers have the ability to print PDF files of our pages, we have added functionality for website links, Pinterest links, and we can track usage through Google analytics. We can’t say enough good things about the benefits of working with Publication Printers for the growth of our business. –Fran Samuel - Publisher, Phoenix Bride & Groom Magazine

ePublication Revenue Opportunities


More Content = More Ads.

There are many factors that keep page counts down in printed editions. Signature sizes and postage costs are some of the big ones.

With online editions, you can expand your content to be much larger than your printed version. Articles that had to be edited down for size can be presented as originally written. Interactive sections can be created taking advantage of living on the internet.

All of these additional pages present new space for additional ad sales and therefore, new revenue opportunities.


Custom links drive readers to take action.

Many advertisers list their home page web address in their printed ad. However, it is often a specific offer or product that makes a reader click on the ad. Most people will spend 3 to 5 seconds looking for what they are after on a website. If they don’t find it quickly, they will give up looking and go somewhere else.

Custom hyperlinking allows the ads in the online version to drive readers exactly where they need to go. This could be a product page, an offer page or even the shopping cart with the product ready to buy. Custom linking also allows advertisers to send readers to their social media pages to grow their number of followers.


Premium attention = premium rates.

Because your online edition is on the internet, new ways to present your content and interact with your readers opens up. Video grabs people’s attention by engaging their senses. When people see and hear, they respond.

For example, rather than having a static ad showing the front of a hotel, the advertiser can provide a video-guided tour highlighting all of its amenities and its tranquil environment. That advertiser gets better exposure & responses and you get a premium revenue opportunity.


Sell your content online as well as in print.

There is an advanced subscription system available. It’s compatible with most major internet payment processors and all subscription funds go directly to you. There are many great features, from automated renewal reminders to custom marketing questions on the new subscriber form.