PrintReleaf: You Print One, They Plant One

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Going green has been both a goal and financial struggle for publishers for years. This stems primarily from publishers focusing on green production: specialty paper and ink, distinct processes, etc. At present, it is often expensive to create a publication in a green manner.

However, what if you simply did the best you could to be green, and put the effort into offsetting the impact you make? That is what PrintReleaf, a Denver-based company, has accomplished. Through innovations in technology, they managed an eco-friendly solution for publishers without complicated papers and inks. Put simply, PrintReleaf calculates a publisher’s paper consumption, and replants the equivalent paper usage’s worth of trees in a reforestation project of the publisher’s choice.

PrintReleaf has replanted over 1.1 million trees, and Publication Printers Corp. is proud to say that between itself and its customers, we are responsible for more than 140,000 of those trees!

As far as cost, PrintReleaf is a very reasonable option for publishers, especially in comparison to other green solutions. That said, due to it being an “offset” process rather than a pre-emptive green approach, it can be used in tandem with almost any other green solution, like FSC and recycled paper. PrintReleaf has also been so successful that users of it are now provided certification of their usage and proof of their “green” footprint.

As to how to use it, PrintReleaf does all the heavy lifting. All a publisher needs to do is take 3 easy steps.

  1. Start using PrintReleaf, which can be done direct, or Publication Printers can help streamline the process if you already print with us.
  2. Pick your reforestation project, which is where the trees are planted on your behalf.
  3. Calculate your consumption, which we do for you if you print with us. Then the rest is handled for you by PrintReleaf.

If you want to know more about the specifics of the operation, like certification and verification or who they partner with to get the job done, you can visit the PrintReleaf website or give us a call here at Publication Printers. We’re always happy to chat about how we can help you be successful.

Latest PrintReleaf News

Canada Joins Reforestation Locale Options

PrintReleaf has added a new reforestation project to its partnership ranks. Courtesy of work with One Tree Planted, publishers now have the option to choose to have trees planted in British Columbia, Canada. This new project joins Print Releaf’s seven other reforestation partner locales:

  • South Dakota, USA
  • Sao Paulo
  • Dominican Republic
  • Meghalaya, India
  • Ireland
  • Madagascar
  • Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico

You can learn more about PrintReleaf’s forestry locales here.

Publication Printers Offsets 1 Billion Pages

Publication Printers has been partnered with PrintReleaf for a few years, and in that time, we have accomplished a great deal. We not only have nearly 100 publishers who print with us now using PrintReleaf through our partnership, but we also reached a milestone: 1 billion pages offset, or 125,000 trees replanted across the globe.

You can learn more about Publication Printers’ PrintReleaf partnership here.

PrintReleaf Founder Featured on “You, Me, and Your Top 3” Podcast

“You, Me, and Your Top 3” is a podcast all about the power of transforming industries through unique practices and approaches to current tactics. The podcast is courtesy of Corporate Growth Strategy (CGS) Advisors, a strategic advisory and consulting firm who has been recognized in recent years for work with numerous large organizations. In episode 24, PrintReleaf CEO and founder Jordan Darragh discusses environmental sustainability and how his passion is helping change the print industry’s impact on the environment.

You can listen to the podcast here.

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Love Your Paper

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How upgrading paper can improve your bottom line.

Paper is the heart of a print publication. The moment someone picks up a book, a magazine, or any printed piece, even before they start reading, they feel it, and making that experience a priority can improve your bottom line and the amount of engagement you receive.

“I will never go to newsprint again… This is the perfect stock for us! And the fact that several ad agencies and other media outlets have frequently commented on the substantial improvement in our products adds to the testimonial of the paper stock.” – Gary Hibert | Owner/Publisher of Colorado Parent

There are numerous, powerful reasons why upgrading from newsprint to glossy paper can help grow your revenue, but here are two of the biggest:

Reason # 1 – Upgrade in Perceived Quality

By upgrading your paper, you are upgrading the quality of your publication. When compared side by side, your magazine will stand out above any other publication printed on newsprint. This improves the perception of your brand, increases the likelihood it will be picked up off of a rack, and therefore, more likely to be read by more people.

As an added advantage, research shows that people tend to hold on to glossy magazines for a longer period of time and share it with friends and family. Advertisers understand these differences and will pay more to advertise in a higher quality magazine!

Reason # 2 – Upgrade in Visual Quality

Full-color photos and graphic images really “pop” off the page on glossy paper. For example, if you are appealing to parents, whose worlds revolve around kids, when you think of kids, you think COLOR!

Color attracts attention! Many of your advertisers already know this and they design colorful ads for this very reason. Are you providing them the best vehicle for that ad to stand out? In the world of publishing, best vehicle = glossy paper and heatset printing.

Test it Out

We are equipped with a complete digital printing department. As a test this month, why don’t you take the files from your last issue and print a dozen sales copies on glossy paper? You can give them to your top advertisers to obtain feedback.

The idea of making a change like this can be intimidating and overwhelming. But do not worry! You don’t have to do it alone – we are here to help every step along the way.

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