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Highly-targeted custom marketing programs.

Traditional marketing sends the same message (“static messaging”) to each recipient. It requires a very generic message and has the same effect as standing in the middle of a football stadium and announcing your message over the PA system. 70,000 people hear the same thing. You hope it resonates so that enough people will respond.

With FocusPoint Solutions, you speak to very specific groups with different messages, but all within the same campaign. Every person’s interests and needs are different and if you can speak to those needs, they are much more likely to listen – and respond! This enables you to communicate with each person as an individual, but having each of those individual conversations all at once.

We have an assortment of technologies in the FocusPoint Solutions suite to help. We create a solution specifically for you and your business and pick the best tools to help you reach and exceed your marketing goals.

The process is very easy. We meet with you and discuss what you’re trying to accomplish. We then propose a custom solution just for you. We will help you refine your goals, uncover and acquire data, create and execute programs as well as track and analyze your results.

Let us become your marketing partners and an extension of your own marketing department!

FocusPoint Solutions Features

  • Data Mining and Analytics

    It sounds intense, but it’s not. Chances are you already have a gold mine worth of information about your current customers and those who you wish to target more. We can help you look in the right places.

  • Marketing Campaign Development

    In-house campaign designers are ready to help you create campaigns that serve your objectives.

  • Variable Data Printing

    Customize your printed pieces to a specific audience, personalizing everything from name and company information to imaging, offers and messaging.

  • E-mail Marketing

    Personalize e-mails based on the same data points as the variable data printing.

  • Mobile Integration

    Creating QR codes of PURLs allows mobile users to respond instantly.

  • Advanced Campaign Reporting

    Track results with real-time reporting on live campaigns, showing response rates, completion rates, ROI and more.

  • Image Personalization

    Creative personalization of images that integrate data into the image, such as a business name wrapping around a wine bottle label or a person's first name formed by the clouds in the sky.

  • Campaign Analysis and Adjustment

    PPMG can help you analyze the results of each campaign and make suggestions for adjustments and testing for the next campaign.