Freight’s Impact on Delivery

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The United States relies heavily on trucking and freight to deliver any number of goods across the country, including magazines and other print publications. For this reason, the current shortage of drivers – exceeding 50,000 – is heavily impacting the delivery timelines and costs of publishers nationwide.

According to the American Trucking Association, truck companies are working to increase driver pay to make the job more appealing, but increasing pay will likely result in further increases in shipping costs.

Can Electric Cars Save the Freight Industry?

Electric car companies like Tesla see an opportunity and are developing driverless trucks. This would resolve two longstanding issues with trucking: costs and timelines.

First, without the need for drivers, the costs of trucking would decrease substantially, as around 43% of trucking operational costs is driver compensation, according to the American Transportation Research Institute.

Second, no drivers means no time limitations on driving. Trucking would no longer be bound by 8 hour driving days, so delivery times could be hastened significantly. All this said, driverless trucks are years away from implementation, and the shortage of drivers is only set to increase.

Ways to Help Offset Costs

Due to this, publishers are looking for ways to cut costs. The best way to do this: talk to the printer of your publication. Altering page counts, paper, and adjusting print schedules can be options to save money. Each printer has specific preferences, so talk to them about what fits them best.

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PPC 2018 Holiday Freight & Office Hours

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Publication Printers Corp., like many companies in the United States, will be observing the upcoming holiday season. This entails altering freight and office hours on and around the dates of each holiday. Below are the changes and special hours to be observed on the stated holidays:


Publication Printers Corp. will be closed on Thursday, November 22 (Thanksgiving Day).

For freight, all vendors will be closed both Thursday, November 22 and Friday, November 23. No freight will be moving on these days and the weekend that follows. Therefore, freight picked up on Wednesday, November 21 will not be delivered to a two-day point until November 27. Parties can also expect early and/or limited pick up on Wednesday, November 21.


Publication Printers Corp. will be closed on Tuesday, December 25 (Christmas Day).

For freight, all vendors will be closed both Monday, December 24 and Tuesday, December 25. Normal pick up and deliveries will resume on Wednesday, December 26. There will also be limited freight movement the weekend before December 22 and 23.

New Years

Publication Printers Corp. will be closed on Tuesday, January 1 (New Years Day).

For freight, there will be extremely limited freight service available on Monday, December 31. Be extremely cautious using this day as a shipping/receiving day, because most vendors will be closed. All vendors will be closed on Tuesday, January 1. Normal pick up and deliveries will resume on January 2.

Further Information

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