PrintReleaf, Bringing Back Forests One Publication at a Time

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Have you ever had to defend against the ‘paper is bad for the environment’ argument? We all have, really, and while those of us in the industry know all about the sustainable solutions already in place, consumers, and even advertisers, usually aren’t as well educated. Maybe you’ve even missed out on a sponsorship opportunity because an advertiser felt strongly that print is just a bad thing. Frustrating, right?

That’s one reason Publication Printers offers additional services to help demonstrate and publicize a publisher’s dedication to environmental responsibility. FSC and recycled paper stock are the common examples, but they can be price-prohibitive for anything but the largest orders. In response, we’ve partnered with PrintReleaf to provide a new solution, and we’re the first printer to offer it. PrintReleaf doesn’t have any order size requirements and it’s less expensive than other ‘green’ options. Furthermore, unlike recycled paper which only cuts new/virgin paper consumption by a relatively small percentage, PrintReleaf effectively restores 100% of the paper used to produce a publication.

It’s a very simple concept – we measure how much paper is used in the publications we print for you, you pick which fully-certified reforestry project you want to support, and the PrintReleaf organization manages all the arrangements necessary to get enough trees planted to replenish what was used. You also get the requisite logos to print in your masthead and digital certificate to account for you contribution.


[Not exactly 37.2Kg. It’s more like 37.19736 and change, but who’s counting? Hint: We are.]

If you want to know more about the specifics of the operation, like certification and verification or who they partner with to get the job done, you can visit the PrintReleaf website or give us a call here at Publication Printers. We’re always happy to chat about how we can help you be successful.


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