National Geographic Leads the Social Media Pack

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Last September, freelance writer/journalist Aaron Taube wrote a fantastic article on “How National Geographic Gets 8 Times the Social Engagement of Other Publishers”. In it, he discusses the merits of engaging your audience. National Geographic understands this and they have capitalized on it, boasting eight times the engagement of competing publishers.

As we take a closer look at their success, we see that National Geographic posts meaningful content that makes their followers want to engage and share their posts. Take a recent Photo of the Day, titled “Something’s Fishy” (by Pacific Wild co-founder Ian McAllister) – the photo received more than 30,000 likes on Facebook in just over three hours. When you click the Facebook link, you’ll be directed to National Geographic’s website which tells you more about the photo and also links to pictures from the feature story “In Search of the Elusive Sea Wolf Along Canada’s Rugged Coast.” This is an excellent example of an engaging post that drives traffic to their website that contains a soft-sell subscription approach.

Something’s Fishy by Ian McAllister

Something’s Fishy by Ian McAllister

Rule of thumb: It is much more effective to post captivating content that delights your audience and guide them to your site than it is to hard-sell your subscriptions in social media.

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