Fundamentals of Social Media for the Niche Publisher, part 1

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It’s safe to say that any Publication Printers customer is an entrepreneur. We serve an industry of people who build things, things other people want, from nothing. If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of those amazing people, and if you are, you’re undoubtedly a master of content creation. What you might not realize is that creating content is a huge challenge for other folks. Lucky for you, it’s also the basis for a good social media presence, and that means you’re ahead of the game.

Of course, you’re probably already posting to Facebook and one or two other places. Maybe you’re really happy with your social presence, but I bet a lot of you wonder why you even bother since you aren’t getting any engagement from your audience. It’s a fair question, and I want to help.

How can social media help you?

The answer is astoundingly simple. We all know word-of-mouth is the most powerful advertising. Well, that’s what social media is – people talking – but on a scale only possible in the information age. That’s why it’s special.

The difficult part is getting people talking about you, instead of the million other things they see. Basically, you have to be awesome. Of course, that takes a lot of work, attention, and care.

Give people what they want

Every bit of advice I have comes back to this one important rule. You must give them what they want. When you give people something they want, they pay attention, and, even if it’s only subconscious, they like you for it. If they like you, they’ll be more inclined to listen in the future. Furthermore, if the content is really good, they’ll share it with friends because sharing cool stuff gets them liked too.

Getting your content shared by others is the very reason to be in social media.

In contrast, what happens when you give people something that’s not useful? They dismiss it and are less likely to want anything else from you. Also, as you’d expect, they don’t share it with others.

So, your posts need to do two things. First, pique interest with only a glance, and second, be genuinely interesting once given a deeper look. The basic formula goes like this – start with a story or message that matters to your audience, add engaging and meaningful copy, and, whenever possible, include strong imagery.

Just remember, they followed you because they like you and what you stand for. That comes with certain expectations. Don’t break that trust with irrelevant pictures of babies and puppies. Give them what they want.



Stay tuned to the PPMG Blog for more in our series of social media fundamentals, and if this is helpful to you, let us know! Also, feel free to contact our Social Media Guy, Alon Waisman, if you want to get help with your own social media efforts.

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